Facebook Games

Marketing Materials

In my time at Big Viking Games, I was responsible for the look and feel of marketing materials for YoWorld and Fishworld, two of our flagship games. Working primarily in the Facebook games environment, I was tasked with creating social marketing assets like banners and social images to promote weekly and bi-weekly in-game themes and new promotions and features. I worked with the content, art, and community teams to make sure that the promotional materials matched the assets in-game, and created a cohesive visual language across the entire platform experience.

Working mostly within the confines of the Adobe Animate environment I created modern looking, polished in-game UI assets and promo templates that could be easily edited by members of the content team. Promo kits were designed to match the look and feel of weekly themes, and included custom typographic treatment, and custom colour palettes based on the palettes and assets created by the art team.

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2019 Keith Mclean