This video was produced for our monthly company update meeting. Every month the entire company would watch a presentation by the senior leadership team about the company’s goals and performance over the last month. Videos like this one would be used to lighten the mood or to provide information/updates to the company on specific topics. This was part of a company-wide effort to use better email etiquette. I produced the video from storyboards through to final editing.

Softchoice Videos

Internal Marketing

These videos were part of various internal marketing campaigns at Softchoice, meant to inform, excite, or sometimes just entertain employees as part of all-in company calls held each month. For each of these videos I shot video, recorded audio, edited and added any motion graphics where needed.

All editing work was done in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier, and/or Adobe After Effects, with some additional graphics created in either Illustrator or Photoshop.

Launch 2016 - For our company kickoff event in 2016, I flew with the head of corporate communication to our offices in Atlanta, Chicago and Seattle to shoot videos with some of the leadership and sales teams in those offices. The result of the shooting was a series of videos that would tie in to that year’s theme. In this case the theme was “Unleash”, and this video would serve as the introduction to opening night.

Orange Book - Based on a then-popular Ikea ad where they introduced their catalogue as a piece of groundbreaking technology, this was a quick ad that would air during the monthly company update to advertise the sales strategy book that we had designed for the sales team throughout the company.

Dust off your Orange Books - This was a fun opening video we designed to open up the mid-year update meeting. The video poked fun at the fact that since the introduction of the Orange Book, sales team members had neglected the playbook.

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