Launch 2015

Events Branding

Each year, Softchoice invites all of it's 1200+ employees to Toronto for a week long conference to focus on the new year's goals and to give out awards and recognition for the company's top performers.For the 2015 Launch event, the theme chosen was "Transformation at Work", and I was asked to develop a brand and visual language around that theme to apply to all of the event's material.

Transformation at Work was representative of Softchoice's evolving state in the marketplace as the company was shifting from product based sales to service based sales, and the creative directors for the event wanted the brand to reflect that changing state. The brand also needed to be versatile enough to break into multiple colour schemes and layouts in order to allow the teams within the organization to self identify. The idea that I landed on was an origami motif, which I carried through the logo, print materials, and working with the events team, video and decoration.

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