A video I designed to quickly communicate the rules of a new in-game feature to players. The video needed to be 30 seconds and hit a series of major points that the design team wanted to focus our players on. The video included screen capture and motion graphics work done by me, as well as some intro animation work done by our art lead.

Game Feature Trailers

Motion Design

In my time working with Big Viking Games on the YoWorld/Fishworld products, I was asked a number of times to help create trailers for new or updated features within the games. This would usually consist of 30 second to 1 minute videos that would give a quick overview of exciting new game features like new minigames or special events. I was responsible for carrying the videos from conceptualization/storyboards through to the final product, working with the assistance of the product/art teams and the in-house audio/video engineer.

The videos were created in the Adobe Premiere/After Effects environment, and consisted of in-game video capture, custom animation, and motion design.

Storyboards for the decor challenges trailer. This is usually the second step in the design process for me, after meeting with stakeholders to get information about the target audience, what they wanted to communicate, and what the major features were that needed to be addressed. From here I would pass the storyboards back to the design team or any key stakeholders for input and revisions, and then start work on the video.

An example of another trailer for a new in-game feature. This video focused on gameplay for our new Match 3 game, and required working with artists, designers, developers and key stakeholders of the feature to get the video produced quickly and to our standards.

Another example of a trailer for an in-game feature. This video was designed to be seen in Facebook feeds.

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